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Hello, my name is Saint Mary, and I’m an eight year old boxer! I was dropped off at a shelter in Hughesville, MD in the overnight drop pen. When the staff saw me the next morning I was terrified, it was so scary! After that I was afraid to be in the shelter at all! But luckily for me BTN got me out of there once my release date came, and now I’m looking for my forever home. I need to find a family with no dogs, cats, or small children. I love people though and want to find a family that will let me love them forever. I’m fully vetted and microchipped, so you won’t need to worry about that! Help me find my forever home! Her adoption fee is $220.our paragraph here.

Adopting through the BTN

So you want to adopt a dog with the Boxer Transfer Network - what do we look for?  what is the process?  Here is a heads up BEFORE you submit an application..... Just a few things that we consider MUST HAVES -- 

 1.  Some sort of fence - Wireless or permanent

2.  If you have pets already they MUST be spayed or neutered

3.  Your pets MUST be up to date on their vaccines and their vet history with you must reflect that as well.  

4.  We will not accept a family if you have surrendered a pet before

5.  Generally we adopt to the DC, PA, VA, MD, WV, NJ areas or within one hour of zip 21157 but that does not mean we will not adopt out of those areas.  So please, if you think you might be the perfect fit for one of our dogs and you live out of those areas, submit an application and we will see :)

 With that.......

"We do require our adopters to be preapproved to pick their dog.  So please, submit your application and get approved as soon as you can.  Let me tell you about us.  We might be slightly different than what you're used to.  We were born on Facebook and have a huge support group there.  We did our first rescue in March 2012 and became official in June.  Since that time we have affected the lives of over 250 dogs. 

We may or may not have some of the "rules" you've seen in other rescue organizations.  We are our own and we have our own plan.  We require an application, then we begin by checking your references.  If those check out, we begin three telephone interviews with you.  We require you to come meet the dog at my home with any pets (dogs) you have and your family.  We need to meet and speak to the family.  We require a home visit.  We have a detailed contract --and we go over that later in the process.  We are very serious about follow through with our dogs.  We plan to partner with you for the life of these dogs.  We want to know you and you to know us.  It's my understanding other rescues are different in that regard.  It sounds like a lot of work but we are more like a family as opposed to a rescue.   

You should seek this rescue if heart truly beats for the dog.  You shouldn't be looking for a perfectly trained or well behaved dog. If the dog is trained: great---bonus for you.   We work with them. We try to make them better citizens but we're not here to provide you with perfection and vetting, at next to nothing. We are not here to help you find a puppy, or a vetted dog at a bargain "price".  We are here for the dogs.   We want our adopters to be people who INVEST IN THEM. You will be paid back, ten-fold. And that is our purpose--to rehab, fix and rehabilitate dogs. We are here to make our, BTN, world, better for dogs.

We are a home foster based rescue organization:  at this time we do not have a facility.  Please wait to be invited to visit.  Its okay to ask, but do wait for confirmation before showing up.  We are very Facebook Active.  If you have a Facebook account, you can go to The Boxer Transfer Network page and like it.  I don't run the page, one of the ladies who adopted from us does.  We work mostly via our group: The Boxer Transfer Network.  It encompasses all of our dogs.  New dogs are posted there first and you really see how much we put into our dogs and the back end of the story.   You would need to send a request to join the group.

I need to caution you:  the process is a screening and matching.   Starting the application process doesn't guarantee a fit.  Its trial and error.  I am obligated to find the best home for him/her.  That and that alone is my mission in this rescue.  In this position, sometimes I have to make difficult choices.  Being a decent person, doesn't guarantee the best fit for the dog.  I will try my absolute best to be fair but I do need to make sure I am clear:  my loyalties lie with the dog and I will make choices for him/her accordingly.   I always feel very conflicted when these situations arise.   I don't want to hurt or disappoint anyone but my job here is to be an advocate for the dog.   I just wanted to be clear about my intent from inception."

Irene Bain

Executive Director
The Boxer Transfer Network

Buster White is BTN's longest resident. Buster came to BTN from South Carolina where he was seized by AC as a welfare case. Buster has no tibia and he needed his ankle fused. We suspect he was hit by a car and left to heal on his own. He was starving to death and heartworm positive. We have worked with VOSM and Buster has a custom brace that allows him to walk normally now. Buster loves other dogs and may or may not be okay with cats. He's gets along great with people. Buster is BTN's poster child for happiness. He loves life and is thrilled just to have a bed, food and somewhere warm to stay. He's currently heartworm negative and his legs are repaired If you can find a place for Buster White in your heart, please email me. He's fully vetted and microchipped. His adoption fee is $270.00


Betty White (named after Buster White ---who's she resembles so much it's hard to tell them apart in photos) came to us from terrible abuse. Betty had to spend months in a NC shelter until her cruelty case was tried; lucky for her she didn't have to go back to her awful owner and was saved by us. Her resemblance to Buster White saved her life. She is a 2yr old, 50lb, gal who LOVES people!! She would love a family of her own to show her just how furever should feel. She is full of energy and would do well in an active family. She is spayed, microchipped and up to date on vaccines. Her adoption fee is $220. your paragraph here.

All Dogs information can be found on PetFinder or Adopt a Pet.

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Ready to add a new member to your family?  The Boxer Transfer Network is always accepting applications for adoption.


Our application process includes three phases:


     Phase 1: Our adoption board reviews your application and upon approval we place your application in to Phase 2.

     Phase 2: requires three members of our board to contact you, your vet, and your references. This gives us an idea of who you are and offers you the opportunity to address any of your     

                     questions or concerns.  We not only want to ensure that all our adoptive dogs find great homes, we want to be sure that you are comfortable with your new family member.                                That leads us to last phase of our adoption process, Phase 3.

     Phase 3: The official meeting of your new four legged baby. We know that not all dogs bond well with their potential Mommies and Daddies. It is common to apply for one dog and bring                      home another. Sometimes a dog will choose you! This is why we like to have you come to our location, and take time to bond with our dogs. Have a dog at home now?  We                           encourage you to bring all of your current family members to this meeting, two legged and four legged. Sound like a lot? We can generally finish an adoption within a week.                            This process is what sets us apart from the average rescue. We will not send you home with one of our dogs and abandon you. We love and care for these animals and they                          have become part of our family too. We have an amazing community of adopted families that are always available to answer questions and help meet any needs you may have                        in the future.     Adoption application