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The Boxer Transfer Network

The Boxer Transfer Network was born in March 2012, with one dog, a family in need and a very special facebook group:  Boxers are the Best Breed of Dog God Ever Created. Amanda Brangard worked at the Fayette SPCA in Uniontown PA.  Irene Bain was an avid and vocal boxer (and all dog) advocate.  Amanda and Irene were facebook friends.  Amanda constantly posted pictures of dogs in need.  Irene, belonging to several boxer groups, crossposted Amanda’s pleas.  In another white boxer group, Irene was touched by Sheryl Sauceman’s loss of Duke, her white boxer.  Irene reached out to Sheryl and they began talking.  When Irene posted Amanda’s photo of Hooch and the urgent plea for help, Sheryl said she wanted to help.  Both Sheryl and Amanda were hopeful but skeptical as Amanda was in Uniontown PA and Sheryl was in Chatanooga TN.  Irene told them if they could work it out, she would make it happen.   Within a few hours Amanda had coordinated with the SPCA and got the approval.  Forced into action, Irene wrote this FB post: 
“OKAY BOXER LOVERS: WE NEED YOUR HELP.  This is our chance to make Boxer are the best breed of dogs God ever created!!!! more than just a Facebook group--this is your chance to make a difference and save one dog.  You'll also be helping another human too, but I'm keeping the focus on the Boxer here....Unless you’re a member of We Love White Boxers --you don't know that Sheryl Chesky Sauceman lost her wonderful, sweet, lovely Duke, about two weeks ago, to his third go round with cancer.  Sheryl has been posting about the events at her house, and about her remaining dog Doby--crying out of lonliness.  It's been very heartbreaking.  Sheryl is also a member of this group, but I'm not sure she posted the story of his death here.  Amanda Brangard did post about Hoochie here.  He's a white boxer--dumped at the SPCA in PA where she works, with a female.  His prior owner intended to breed them.  (His prior owner was an idiot.)  The female was adopted but Hoochie remains.  Amanda has been desperately trying to find a home for him.  The SPCA does euthanize and his number is approaching.  The long and short of the story is Sheryl would like to adopt Hoochie and give him a forever home--putting a happy twist to two pathetic stories. Sheryl is in Chatatnooga Tennessee and Hoochie is in PA.  We have 4659 members to date.  I'd love to see us do something and make an impact.  Lets save one Boxer.  You don't even have to keep him, just drive him toward Tennessee.  If you would be willing to take part in helping to shuttle Hoochie from PA to Tenn--please comment on this thread.  We'd like to have a enough participants that it's not too much for anyone.  Just think: GOOD KARMA COMES BACK TO may need a transfer train one day....and Amanda, Sheryl and I will all be here to help.  Later this evening we will post a listing of the states (and /or areas) where need need drivers. Come on guys--don't let me down.....”

The responses came fast and furious and Boxers are the Best Breed of Dog God Ever Created did not disappoint.  One very exciting Sunday afternoon, with many many members pinned to their computers:  Amanda Brangard, Sheila Smith, Nancy McHugh Dickerson, Gail and Mike Dickerson, Michael Whilhelm and Sheryl Sauceman successfully transported Hooch Sauceman from deathrow to Sheryl and The Boxer Transfer Network was born!!!


After that Sunday everyone was elated.  Irene decided that the need for aide was overwhelming and reached out to Amanda to make The Boxer Transfer Network official.  Irene filed the Maryland Non-profit paperwork in June 2012.  The Boxer Transfer Network received 501C3 status in November of 2012.  Today, Irene, Amanda, Sheila Smith, Lisa Sergeant, Barb Marucci, Kelly Jaeger, Bunny Link, Sheila Moran, Vicky Lemmens and many other volunteers make up the behind the scenes team at the BTN.  Although credit is attributed to each and every person who supports in any way.  We work tirelessly to rescue dogs from perilous situations, whatever they may be and we are open to everyone who shares this mindset.   The Boxer Transfer Network has flourished. Volunteers have rescued over 60 dogs and placed 52+ into loving homes. We would not exist without the generosity of our members. Volunteers have offered transportation, finances, basic necessities for the animals, countless hours, and some have even opened their homes and businesses to foster a dogs in need. There is no paid salary and no day off, but the rewards are beyond measure. This is a labor of love for all of us. The passion of one has spread to the passion of many and we continue to grow. Join our Facebook group and like our Facebook page and find out more about how you can help today!